7 Simple Ways to Treat Cough Naturally

Home Remedies for a sore throat and cough you need to check the effective home remedies to treat cough.

Coughing is one of the most common health problems. When there is a blockage or irritant in your throat or upper air passages, your brain thinks a foreign element is present and tells your body to cough to remove that element. Coughing can also be due to a viral infection, common cold, flu, and smoking or health problems such as asthma, tuberculosis, and lung cancer. Some of the symptoms of a cough are itchy throat, chest pain, and congestion. Instead of using over-the-counter cough syrups, you can try some natural cough treatments using readily available ingredients in your kitchen.

The treatment of coughing which may be either dry or phlegm based should ideally aim at curing its original cause but in addition to the course of treatment resorted to certain natural home based remedies may prove to be effective as well. Some effective home remedies for cough are listed below which can provide quick relief from this ailment without causing any side effects.

 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a solution for just about everything, including coughs. Just mix a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in 8-10 ounces of water and drink it over time. You could drink it warm, add honey, or use less water or more ACV for a stronger or less strong mixture. Drink at a rate that is comfortable for you.

Mullein tea

Acting as an expectorant to draw out trapped mucous, mullein tea can be an excellent home remedy for cough and sore throat. For the treatment, start by filling a tea ball or strainer with mullein herb (dried). Then, steep the herb in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Finally, sip and drink as desired. You may also add some raw honey for taste and a boosted effect.

Black pepper

This is a traditional Chinese medicine that works wonders on relieving your problem. Make some tea out of 1tsp of freshly ground black pepper and 2 tbs of honey. Just place these ingredients in a cup. The fill the cup with boiling water and cover it. Let is steep for about 15 minutes and strain. You may sip this tea as needed.


Ginger has a lot of secret powers and it has been used for its medicinal properties since antiquity. Practitioners of Eastern medicine commonly prescribe ginger to colds treatment and flu because of its antihistamine and decongestant capabilities. You can make ginger tea by adding 12 slices of fresh ginger in a pot with three cups water. Allow it to simmer for 20 minutes and remove from heat. Strain, add 1 tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon, and taste; if it’s too spicy, add more water.

Holy basil leaves

This will not only help your cough, but also flu and sore throat. You can either chew the leaves as it is. Or may make a paste out of it. You may add a teaspoon of honey to the paste. Take a tablespoon of this as needed.


Thyme is used by some for respiratory illnesses. One study suggests that the essence extracted from thyme leaves mixed with ivecan help relieve coughing as well as short-term bronchitis. The leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing, and also lessen inflammation. You can make thyme tea at home using two teaspoons of crushed thyme leaves and one cup of boiling water. Cover the cup, steep for 10 minutes, and strain.


Lemon is a mild antibiotic. It will help your antibodies to fight against the bacteria that caused the infection of your airways. Cut a quarter of a lemon, sprinkle lots of black pepper and salt on it. Then suck it for an instant relief.