Gluten Allergy Symptoms in Kids

You may be wondering about the gluten in your child’s diet. Young children and infants are most likely to show signs of a wheat gluten allergy. A child with an undiagnosed gluten allergy may experience a range of symptoms that may affect him or her emotionally, mentally or physically. An allergy to gluten can affect … Read more

8 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Malaria Symptoms

Symptoms of malaria are high fever, chills, shivering, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweats, restlessness and fatigue. In complicated cases it can even cause anaemia and kidney failure. Malaria is extremely common and a serious disease that causes chills, shivering and high fever. You can get infected from a bite by a malaria parasite carrying mosquito. … Read more

Natural Cures For Treating Dry Cough At Home

Cough itself is not a disease, but a symptom caused by respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, common cold, flu, asthma and bronchitis. While coughing is one of your body’s natural defenses against foreign matter, and helps remove mucus from the lungs and upper airway passages, it can also cause distress and dryness in the throat. A … Read more